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8 thoughts on “ Ecstasy: Supercharge Love & Sexuality

  1. Moogusida
    Mar 02,  · 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Love Life maintaining relationships more difficult, overactivity can cause depression, negative thinking, you may shy away from sexual activity, push people away. To improve your LS: integrating feelings, thoughts and physical movements. It sets the body’s anxiety levels and mediates pleasure and ecstasy.
  2. Tulrajas
    A lot of people think that Tantra is just about sex - that's not true. Tantra is about developing an appreciation of life in general; it's about learning to maximize your pleasure in all things simultaneously. The goal of Tantra is open your mind and allow you to clearly understand that you are an integral part of the universe. Tantra uses the prolonging of sexual ecstasy as one vehicle to.
  3. Voramar
    Jan 29,  · "I wish every woman would tattoo I deserve great sex on her brain," says Gina Ogden, Ph.D., author of Women Who Love Sex (Womanspirit, ). "Sexual satisfaction is a .
  4. Najora
    Oct 07,  · Ecstasy is known to significantly boost empathy in users (Getty Images / iStock) Love, sex and MDMA: Could the party drug be used for couple's therapy? 'In 10 years’ time, no-one will bat an.
  5. JoJom
    The Secret Universal Mind Meditation II Increase your attracting force Dissolve limiting beliefs Breakthrough to a new level of being This meditation takes you deeper into the magic and mystery of the Universal Mind. All the love, abundance and joy you want already exists within you, the Secret is in discovering it. Through repeated nightly listening you will move into alignment with Infinite.
  6. Dagal
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  7. Kegal
    Ecstasy Open your heart to more love Increase sexual energy and charisma Reduce fears and inhibitions Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this meditation music for sex delivers 60 minutes of music and Theta wave frequencies designed to relax you while increasing sexual energy.

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