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  1. Tygokree
    Jul 19,  · A skydiver died Sunday after experiencing a medical emergency during a jump from a plane near Otay Lakes Road, authorities said. The skydiver's .
  2. Faehn
    Students make a skydiver and parachute contraption to demonstrate how drag caused by air resistance slows the descent of skydivers as they travel back to Earth. Gravity pulls the skydiver toward the Earth, while the air trapped by the parachute provides an upward resisting force (drag) on the skydiver.
  3. Vujinn
    The ideal jumpsuit for tandem instructors! Customize your suit by choosing colors*, fabrics, and options. After placing the order you will be contacted for shipping details and an invoice of the remaining shipping fees will be included.
  4. Samulmaran
    Aug 04,  · HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) — For nearly 70 years, until he turned 85, Lee Jong-keun hid his past as an atomic bomb survivor, fearful of the widespread discrimination against blast victims that has long persisted in Japan. But Lee, 92, is now part of a fast-dwindling group of survivors, known as hibakusha, that feels a growing [ ].
  5. Vishura
    File photo: A member of a skydiving team parachutes onto the field before an NFL preseason game between the Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings at Broncos Stadium at Mile High on August
  6. Nekasa
    Skydiver 1 is known to have had two captains in the course of the series, Peter Carlin and Lew Waterman. The latter was formerly the astronaut pilot of a lunar interceptor craft; his career is a testament to the flexible employment policies practiced by SHADO. Presumably Carlin was .
  7. Zulkilmaran
    Jun 17,  · Skydiver films the terrifying moment his parachute FAILS - sending him spinning through the air as he tries to open his emergency chute. Skydiving coach Joseph was .
  8. Vizil
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